Attempted blackmail

To the person who has repeatedly used my contact page to try blackmailing this publisher;

The answer is no.  No to your petty threats to trash this sites reputation.  No to your demand for payment by bitcoin.  No to your poorly-written threats to send nasty messages around the Internet, purportedly originating from this publisher.

No to your threats of posting thousands of ‘bad reviews’.  Stobor Books does not submit to threats, empty or otherwise.  Stobor books weathers storms, it does not take a knee to existential threats of prosecution caused by the action of third parties.

Stobor books will not bow to peer pressure, however caused.  If blackmail causes us to be banned from one platform, we will seek others.  We are a small company without much financial backing, but being small, we are strong of will.  And that will says no.

Message ends.

Author: Martyn K Jones

First published in 1978, Martyn has produced a wide variety of work; from PR copy in trade magazines to supernatural short stories and the occasional satirical article. Emigrated to Canada in 2007. Became a Canadian Citizen December 2014. Now branching out as a serious science fiction novelist and short story writer. Loves motorcycling, deep sea fishing and travel.

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