Stobor Books, the origin

What is a Stobor? In Robert Heinlein’s 1955 science fiction novel, “Tunnel in the sky” in the beginning, all that we are told is that it is a potentially dangerous creature, species unknown.

Before being drugged then marooned on an unknown world via a Stargate-like wormhole device (“a.k.a the Ramsbotham Jump”) Heinlein’s teenage characters are given one salient warning, that is to “watch out for the Stobor”.

Stobor Books by contrast is a new boutique publisher of supernatural, science fiction and fantasy fiction. And like it’s namesake, very much an unknown quantity. For now. Like in Heinlein’s novel the nature of Stobor books will gradually become apparent.

Not currently accepting submissions. Watch this space.

Author: Martyn K Jones

First published in 1978, Martyn has produced a wide variety of work; from PR copy in trade magazines to supernatural short stories and the occasional satirical article. Emigrated to Canada in 2007. Became a Canadian Citizen December 2014. Now branching out as a serious science fiction novelist and short story writer. Loves motorcycling, deep sea fishing and travel.

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